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  • What is 'the metaverse'?

    The metaverse is a new approach to the internet and graphical user interfaces (like windows, iOS, or the main screen of Playstation) that allows users to interact with people, games, and business in a new way. The convergence of VR technology, gaming engines, and blockchain computing are producing a new way to emerge ones self and others in new and different perspectives.

  • What is a Non-Fungible Token?

    Non-Fungible Tokens or "NFTs" are digital property with verifiable ownership. While goods like money and gasoline are exchangeable for equal value, NFT's are limited in number and reproduction by design. NFT's are also becoming the material objects, images, sounds, and culture of the "next wave of the internet" known as 'the metaverse'.

The data scientists at The Mozzarella Sticks are excited and working hard to make a presence in the next phase of communication taking place in the blockchain space. Keeping on the cutting edge of technology, The Mozzarella Sticks is taking a dedicated steak in the culture and possibilities of “the metaverse” with a focus on contributing the energy, sentiment, and first principles of our brand.
The Mozzarella Sticks IT department is excited to bring you an immersive “lofi-chill” environment as a place to inspire, as well as build, and share. Our intention is to launch this platform as part of the Voltaire upgrade on the Cadrano network, but will make our presence on the Solana or Etherium network by 2025 depending on the available technology.
If you are a blockchain architect or are interested in getting involved with our metaverse project, please contact us at TheMozzarellaSticks@Gmail_Com with the headline “Blockchain Gang” and we will have out IT department reach out to you at our next availability.

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